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#475 Error running RMAExpress plug-in to create new root bioassay. Nicklas Nordborg defect blocker trunk fixed
#339 Protocol parameters Nicklas Nordborg enhancement critical fixed
#397 Use the FindBugs program to check the BASE 2 code Martin Svensson task critical trunk fixed
#440 Update to latest versions of 3rd-party software Nicklas Nordborg task critical fixed
#189 Allow export plugins to send download immediately to client Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed
#334 Project default items Martin Svensson enhancement major fixed
#346 If an item is used, get information about the items that are using it Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed
#352 Connect parts of the TM4 software suite to BASE Jari Häkkinen task major trunk fixed
#403 Make Bioassays and Bioassay sets annotatable Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed
#464 Permission denied when creting AnyToAny Nicklas Nordborg defect major trunk fixed
#472 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space Jari Häkkinen defect major fixed
#172 Add externalId property to annotation type Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor fixed
#347 Give administrators access to other users trashcans Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor wontfix
#459 Better error message if plugin jar can't be found Martin Svensson defect minor fixed
#241 Files that have been used for parameters to a job can't be deleted properly Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial fixed
#311 Allow parsing of numbers with different locale settings Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial trunk fixed
#473 Cannot import a plug-in configuration as administrator (not 'root' user) Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial 2.1.2 duplicate
#477 Creating a child item in the same transaction as the parent item gives a PermissionDeniedException Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial fixed
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