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#884 Base1PluginExecuter has to short string input field Johan Enell defect major 2.5.0 duplicate
#904 Subclasses of AbstractFlatFileImporter should be able to wrap the file inputstream Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed
#905 AbstractFlatFileParser aborts parsing if a parseHeaders() doesn't find any data Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed
#916 Base1PluginExecuter commits transaction even in case of a failure Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed
#838 Change default value of Blockgroup size to 0 in Lowess Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor 2.4.6 fixed
#909 Move some static fields from AbstractFlatFileImporter to a separate class Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor fixed
#914 Make PluginConfigurationImporter smarter Martin Svensson enhancement minor fixed
#926 Update IlluminaRawDataImporter to set the RawBioAssay.arrayNum property Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor fixed
#837 Lowess plugin. Error: Sum of weigths in line_fit is not positive everyone defect trivial fixed
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