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#1245 Add support for lazy loading of nodes in JoustTree Nicklas Nordborg task blocker fixed
#1241 Implement "lazy loading" of the directory tree Nicklas Nordborg enhancement critical fixed
#1262 Overview and correction factor plots should use the static cache everyone enhancement major fixed
#1276 Edit annotationtype - Moving unit from 'do not use' to 'Use units' fails in Internet Explorer Martin Svensson defect major fixed
#1277 Export button on Biowells list page leads to non-existing url Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed
#1275 Item overview doesn't load array slide associated with hybridization if root of tree is a biomaterial Nicklas Nordborg defect minor 2.10 fixed
#1242 Generate <img> tag for spot images with a class attribute Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial fixed
#1268 Can't use filter on list page until it has been loaded completely everyone task trivial 2.10 fixed
#1278 Bioplate single-item page has a left-over toolbar button everyone defect trivial fixed
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