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#489 Build #0 is reported after upgrade to 2.2 and 2.2.1 Johan Enell defect major fixed
#490 BASE demo server issue Johan Enell defect major fixed
#495 Pb when creating Hybs from Labeled Extracts View Page Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed
#497 Floating point numbers with leading zeroes in the decimal part are not correctly displayed Nicklas Nordborg defect minor fixed
#507 Path to icons in bioassayset list contains double slash Martin Svensson defect minor fixed
#484 'Run plugin' button has misleading label since it only runs analysis plugins Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial fixed
#496 Minor Display Glitch on 'Annotation & Parameter' Tab on all Item View Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial fixed
#505 where should be were Martin Svensson enhancement trivial 2.2.1 fixed
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