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#912 Plugin auto-install can not perform import when not all configurations in the import file are selected Martin Svensson defect blocker fixed
#880 Exclude reporters in Lowess Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major trunk fixed
#907 "Test with file" function should be able to wrap input stream Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed
#908 Exception when listing features of an array design everyone defect major fixed
#910 Plug-ins ignore file set by the auto-detect file format function Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed
#771 Make annotations for Bioassays available in bioassay table within a BioassaySet Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor fixed
#889 Clicking "Help" throws a Python error Martin Svensson defect minor 2.5.0 fixed
#896 Stop generating too long URL:s Nicklas Nordborg defect minor fixed
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