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#2152 Test BASE with Tomcat 9 Nicklas Nordborg task major fixed
#2158 The "Edit file" function should use UTF-8 if no explict character set has been specified everyone enhancement major fixed
#2159 It should be possible to specify a character set in the "Edit file" dialog when saving everyone enhancement major fixed
#2160 Table exporter should support exporting to Excel files everyone task major fixed
#2169 When uploading a file it should be selected by default everyone enhancement major fixed
#2171 Exception when switching to the Annotations tab in the Edit project dialog everyone defect major fixed
#2163 The "Test with file" function should auto re-parse the file when a row is selected in "Use as" everyone enhancement minor fixed
#2165 "Auto generate" should have an option to not overwrite exiting mappings in the "Test with file" function everyone enhancement minor fixed
#2166 Add a button that remove all column mappings to the "Test with file" function everyone enhancement minor fixed
#2170 "None" as recently used selection everyone enhancement minor fixed
#2162 Missing '=' when using complex expressions in Test with file everyone defect trivial fixed
#2168 Position of "Not logged in" header everyone enhancement trivial fixed
#2172 The "Members" tab in the "Edit project" dialog is misaligned everyone defect trivial fixed
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