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#1770 Download immediately dialog should display status message everyone enhancement minor fixed
#1777 Error messages for extensions that fail to install are forgotten after installing other extensions everyone defect minor fixed
#1778 Can't re-install an extension with an error everyone defect minor fixed
#1779 Do not show plug-in configurations if the logged in user lacks USE permission olle defect minor fixed
#1780 Copy-transformation icon should be disabled if logged in user doesn't have USE permission olle defect minor fixed
#1775 Selecting items from a table return the ID as a string everyone defect trivial fixed
#1776 Change sort order for extract in physical bioassays edit dialog everyone defect trivial fixed
#1782 Select date dialog doesn't display correctly in IE10 everyone defect trivial 3.2.3 fixed
#1783 Empty help for plug-in parameters Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial fixed
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