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#781 AnnotationSet.getAllInheritedAnnotations() may generate invalid query on Postgres Nicklas Nordborg defect blocker core
#780 ParameterValuesImpl doesn't implement ParameterValues as specified Nicklas Nordborg defect major core
#785 ItemContext.configureQuery() should use fetch join if a non-selected column is used in ORDER BY Nicklas Nordborg defect major core
#782 Create test case that calls AnnotationSet.getAllInheritedAnnotations() Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor test
#783 Check the source for other places affected by the Postgres problem described in ticket #781 Nicklas Nordborg task minor core
#784 PackedFileExporter chews first character from file and directory names in the root directory Nicklas Nordborg defect minor coreplugins
#786 Path constructor doesn't validate the filename part of the path everyone defect minor core
#776 ParameterType.validate should include parameter name in error messages Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial core 2.4.1
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