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#1760 NullPointerException in LoggingInterceptor everyone defect major web
#1761 Automatically select "Annotation category" for bioplates based on bioplate type Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major web
#1765 Correction factor plots should not be generated in all cases everyone defect major web
#1767 Remove debug code in 'Externa program executor' configuration dialog everyone defect major coreplugins
#1752 The "Save as" dialog doesn't update the path when changing directories everyone defect minor web
#1753 TableExporter generate UPDATE logs in "Change History" everyone defect minor core
#1754 Changes to numerical fields are not correctly logged in change history everyone defect minor core
#1756 TableExporter may not go up to 100% in all cases. everyone defect minor web
#1762 The 'extracts' column on physical bioassays doesn't round used quantities everyone defect minor web
#1763 The 'File types' column in the 'Item subtypes' list display incorrect information everyone defect minor web
#1764 Filtering on the 'File types' column in 'Item subtypes' list doesn't work everyone defect minor web
#1766 Color coding in spot data list cause extra line break everyone defect minor web
#1755 IllegalStateException in Tomcat's log after each use of 'Download immediately' everyone defect trivial web
#1768 Incorrect CSS when generating javadoc with Java7 everyone defect trivial documentation
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