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#341 Raw data type conversion plugin Nicklas Nordborg task major coreplugins
#376 Better system for checking which plugins that can be executed in a given context Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#546 Write "Experiments and analysis" section. task major documentation trunk
#585 Make the BASE file system pluggable Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#787 Add functions for within Bioassays and across Bioassayset in expressions everyone enhancement major coreplugins
#791 Plug-in execution time estimates everyone task major coreplugins
#1210 Document the behaviour of underscore character '_' when filtering everyone task major documentation 2.8.4
#1222 Document the nice batch import of raw data through experiment import button everyone task major documentation 2.9.1
#1223 News visible only for a selected group of users/groups/project everyone enhancement major web
#1249 Error message explanation subsection in FAQ part of the manual everyone enhancement major documentation trunk
#1396 Using item properties as experimental factors - how could this be implemented? everyone enhancement major web
#1428 Write "Formulas" section everyone task major documentation
#1429 Document BASEfile exporter plug-in everyone enhancement major documentation
#1431 Describe extra values. What are they? How are they created? everyone task major documentation
#1465 Add a 'Download' button on the trac menu bar Johan Enell task major wiki
#1563 Request of a new feature in select-columns window everyone enhancement major web
#1654 Investigate if JDBC fetch size can improve performance in some situations everyone task major core
#1853 Add support for annotating array design features everyone enhancement major core
#2014 Implement extension point for item initialization everyone task major core
#413 Add support for Oracle Nicklas Nordborg task minor core
#600 Write "Appendix: Other configuration files" everyone task minor documentation
#617 Write plate management in array LIMS task minor documentation trunk
#1402 New Affymetrix CEL file support everyone enhancement minor core
#1458 Document the BASEfile format everyone task minor documentation
#1520 Add support for custom date and timestamp formats to reporter and raw data importer everyone enhancement minor coreplugins
#1600 Convert file packing plug-in system to an extension point everyone enhancement minor coreplugins
#1643 Automatic fixes in "Item overview" everyone enhancement minor core
#552 Write "API overview" section everyone task trivial documentation trunk
#554 Write "Core developer reference." everyone task trivial documentation trunk
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