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#2060 The active project should be displayed in the job list and view dialog everyone enhancement major web
#2061 Add API for setting registration date on items everyone enhancement major core
#2063 Add API for setting metadata on remote files everyone enhancement major core
#2064 Directories displayed in the file manager doesn't follow the selected option in view/preset everyone defect minor web
#2068 Any-to-any links leading to an item in the trashcan should be marked with a trashcan icon in the list everyone enhancement minor web
#2069 Display raw data type as subtitle of raw bioassays in item overview everyone enhancement trivial web
#2070 Child folder in the item overview with only one child should be hidden everyone enhancement minor web
#2071 Restart a job from the beginning if it has already been restarted in the middle everyone defect major core
#2074 Support for plug-ins to save custom information in the static cache everyone enhancement major core
#2077 Search for items with project-specific annotations overriding a default value everyone enhancement minor core
#2078 It is not possible to modify an annotation type that has the "Project annotations" flag set when there are existing annotations everyone defect major web
#2079 Add ng/µl as a unit to density everyone enhancement minor install
#2080 Add Molar concentration (=Molarity) as a quantity everyone enhancement minor install
#2081 Improve visibility of child items in the "Item overview" everyone enhancement major web
#2083 Auto-parse the selected file in the "Test with file" function everyone enhancement minor web
#2043 Activating/deactivating roles on the fly in a login session Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#2056 Improve API for project-specific annotations Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#2058 Item overview is not working when going from extract to derived bioassay Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#2062 Add support for importing registration date to batch importers Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major coreplugins
#2065 Exception when trying to delete a data file type that is referenced from item subtype Nicklas Nordborg defect minor core
#2066 Display item subtypes that are referencing a data file type Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#2072 Add support for pausing and resuming a job Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#2073 Update JDBC driver for PostgreSQL Nicklas Nordborg defect critical core
#2075 Add support for SHA-256 fingerprints on file servers Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#2076 Show more information for project-specific annotations Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
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