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Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1731 Update fails if an item subtype with the same name as a new system-defined subtype has already been manually registered Nicklas Nordborg closed critical install 3.2
#1736 Bug when filtering child/parent items Nicklas Nordborg closed major core
#1728 Dropdown lists for table filters are off when scrolled right everyone closed minor web
#1732 ID column is always empty for files everyone closed minor web
#1738 Item overview doesn't include bioplate annotations everyone closed minor core
#1739 Item overview doesn't include any-to-any links for bioplates everyone closed minor core
#1737 Bioplate type is not visible in item overview for bioplates that are lazily loaded Nicklas Nordborg closed trivial web

Type: enhancement (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1740 Item overview should use a folder node for all biomaterials on a bioplate everyone closed minor core
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