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#1834 Failed AJAX calls are not forwarded to the registered on-failure handler everyone closed critical web
#1845 Changing the conversion formula for a unit doesn't invalidate the snapshot cache everyone closed major core
#1847 DerivedBioAssay.setSoftware() is overwritten by project default software everyone closed major core
#1835 Impossible to select a user in the "Impersonate" dialog everyone closed minor web
#1836 USE permission on a bioplate is not enough to actually use it for biomaterial everyone closed minor core
#1841 Investigate problems with popup windows everyone closed minor web
#1844 Logout dialog still warn about not being logged in in some cases everyone closed minor web
#1850 Warning/error messages are not displayed in "Test with file" everyone closed minor web
#1839 The select file dialog has an annoying extra pixel in height causing duplicate scroll bars everyone closed trivial web
#1842 Footnote frame is forcing reload of scripts, css and images everyone closed trivial web
#1849 Test with file doens't update character set when a file is selected everyone closed trivial web

Type: enhancement (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1837 Add possibility to set favicon on <base:page> tag everyone closed minor web
#1838 Error objects should be logged with stacktrace everyone closed trivial web
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