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Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1873 Deleting child biomaterial doesn't return the used quantity to the parent everyone closed critical core
#1877 Selecting 'none' for array design when creating a raw bioassay still set the project default array design everyone closed major web
#1879 Exception in expression builder dialog everyone closed major web
#1887 NullPointerException when trying to install extensions everyone closed major web
#1874 Please wait. The annotations are loading... everyone closed minor web
#1882 Test with file dialog should revert to "File data" tab when "Parse the file" is clicked everyone closed minor web
#1885 Plugin definitions view plug-in page uses onactivate event Nicklas Nordborg closed minor web
#1888 PathElement taglib is misconfigured everyone closed minor web

Type: enhancement (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1875 Abort multiple jobs everyone closed major web
#1878 Reduce memory footprint in raw data importer everyone closed major coreplugins
#1876 Delay preloading array design feature in raw data batcher everyone closed minor core
#1880 Remove db.dynamic.catalog setting for PostgreSQL section everyone closed trivial install
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