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Type: defect (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1901 Get rid of code that use System.identityHashCode() and assume that it return unique values everyone closed critical core
#1884 Table exporter in file manager doesn't export what is displayed everyone closed major web
#1893 Starting and stopping BASE in Tomcat is not implemented correctly everyone closed major web
#1896 Setting 'Select job agent for jobs' permission to a role clear all other system-level permissions everyone closed major web
#1903 Linking a new item to an existing AnyToAny is not possible in a single transaction everyone closed major core
#1895 Filtering on derived bioassays column in physical bioassays list gives unexpected results everyone closed minor web
#1897 TestJarClassLoader fails everyone closed minor core
#1898 Clone reporters feature is broken everyone closed minor web
#1899 Task scheduler in BASE may leave executing flag on everyone closed minor core
#1900 Raw data importer fails: A handler with ID '1728751927' is already registered everyone closed minor coreplugins
#1905 BASE does not warn about duplicate raw data types defined in different files everyone closed minor core
#1846 Prevent browser from asking about saving password when login extension doesn't want to Nicklas Nordborg closed trivial web

Type: enhancement (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1809 Upgrade 3-rd party libraries Nicklas Nordborg closed major core
#1843 Use snapshot manager to load annotations on list pages Nicklas Nordborg closed major web
#1883 Add more columns to the 'Wells' tab for bioplates everyone closed major web
#1890 Improve skinnability of BASE Nicklas Nordborg closed major web
#1891 Allow extensions to store settings in extension-settings.xml configuration file everyone closed major core
#1902 Add mapping for link between extract and derived bioassay everyone closed major core
#1840 Filter annotations on the Annotations tab based on subtype of item everyone closed minor web
#1881 Export search results in file list page everyone closed minor web
#1889 Allow extensions to be installed in disabled state everyone closed minor core
#1904 Display more memory usage details everyone closed minor web

Type: task (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Status Priority Component Version
#1742 Upgrade to Hibernate 4.x Nicklas Nordborg closed critical core
#1715 Remove BASE 2.17 to BASE 3.x upgrade program from the binary distribution everyone closed major install
#1798 Remove web services support Nicklas Nordborg closed major webservices
#1886 Extension point for "skinning" web gui Nicklas Nordborg closed major web
#1892 Implement support for extensions to add their own tables the BASE database Nicklas Nordborg closed major core
#1817 Do not generate BASE documentation PDF everyone closed minor documentation
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