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#2271 Overlapping design elements in the Table exporter dialog everyone defect trivial web
#2273 The job parameters information takes too much vertical space on the derived/raw bioassay pages everyone defect trivial web
#2274 Column titles for linked columns may overflow to the next column everyone defect trivial web
#2275 Add icon in lists that indicate if an item is a default item in the currently active project Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#2267 Update fails with / by zero everyone defect critical install
#2270 The file importer import "character set" as "MIME type" everyone defect minor coreplugins
#2272 Implement "ALL" as a special keyword for the "Used quantity from parent" mapping in batch importers everyone enhancement minor coreplugins
#2268 Improve error handling when parsing Excel files with formulas everyone enhancement major core
#2269 File importer fails with "Aborted by user" even if the Abort button is not clicked everyone defect major core
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