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#1148 Removing items from trashcan when circular references exists ... Nicklas Nordborg defect major core 2.8.3
#1979 Upgrade to Hibernate 5 Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#1991 Add support for filtering index property values everyone enhancement major core
#1992 The BASE core API allows annotations to be created without values everyone defect minor core
#1998 Viewing a job when a project is active changes the job's project to that project everyone defect critical core
#2000 Batch API for annotation handling Nicklas Nordborg enhancement critical core
#2001 Annotations should only replace existing values when the new values are different Nicklas Nordborg enhancement critical core
#2002 Change history logging should use batch API instead of Hibernate Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major core
#1987 Batch importer for annotation types Nicklas Nordborg task major coreplugins
#1983 Re-order columns in table listings by drag-n-drop Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#1984 Hide column shortcut icon in the column header Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#1985 Add right-click menu for showing more column in a table listing Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#1986 Exporting annotation type columns Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major web
#1988 Table exporter should have support for setting the separator character for multi-valued columns everyone enhancement minor web
#1990 Edit annotations dialog should scroll active annotation into view everyone enhancement trivial web
#1993 Display error messages from startup problems in web client everyone enhancement minor web
#1994 Display information about the item for annotations in the trashcan everyone enhancement major web
#1995 Add extension point for selecting start page Nicklas Nordborg task major web
#1996 Filtering on the "Permission" column don't display the filter icon everyone defect major web
#1997 The "Changed items" tab in the job dialog must limit the number of items everyone enhancement critical web
#1999 Job progress is requested by the web client even when the job has completed everyone defect critical web
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