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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#281 defect blocker core
#282 defect blocker core
#289 defect blocker core
#290 defect blocker core
#291 [UNK] defect blocker core
#292 [UNK] defect blocker core
#509 Adding new sample prevents other samples from being viewed Johan Enell defect critical web
#874 Plugin to create array designs from an Illumina bgx-file. everyone task critical coreplugins
#875 Create Illumina SNP raw data type Martin Svensson task critical core
#35 Edit annotations doesn't show all annotation types Nicklas Nordborg defect major web
#280 Shared item doesn't appear in the list, though the item is shared to the user. Martin Svensson defect major BASE 2.0 web
#408 Implement FTP server Johan Enell task major web
#670 Update doc on formulas and extravalues everyone defect major documentation
#737 Script that fixes copyright text may also add extra new line to end of files Jari Häkkinen defect major BASE 2.4.4 web
#769 Trying to configure AnnotationTypeCvImporter.jar everyone defect major web
#777 Take me back to the start Nicklas Nordborg defect major BASE 2.4.2 web
#816 Duplicate parameter Johan Enell defect major BASE 2.4.6 coreplugins
#845 Error message in list view of Array design: Martin Svensson defect major BASE 2.5 web
#876 Illumina plug-ins: Illumina expression raw data types comes from 2 sources everyone task major coreplugins
#877 Illumina SNP validator and meta-data extractor everyone task major coreplugins
#1031 Filtering with selection lists everyone defect major web
#1060 Bug? - Overview plots fail after BASE 2.7.1 update everyone defect major web
#1061 Error: Run plugin: Formula intensity calculator everyone defect major web
#1079 Raw data import takes very long time to fail when user exceeds quota everyone defect major coreplugins
#1083 Project doesn't compile when used with Eclipse 3.4 everyone defect major core
#1123 BioAssaySetExporter should request 'r' for reading Projects everyone defect major coreplugins
#1138 SMART option for feature mismatch in rawbioassay import does not work everyone defect major coreplugins
#1195 Problem when importing negative values for annotations with float as value type everyone defect major coreplugins
#1198 Error: The query has already been executed (Illumina detection P-value calculation) Jari Häkkinen defect major web
#1221 Error creating a direcotory everyone defect major web
#1224 Running two "New root bioassay set" jobs at the same time makes the second to finish crash everyone defect major coreplugins
#1239 Units for concentrations everyone task major core
#1253 plainMatrixExport documentation needs to be clarified everyone enhancement major documentation
#1283 Table exporter refuses to start if download immediately is disabled everyone defect major BASE 2.11.1 coreplugins
#1285 MeV TDMS file creation problem everyone enhancement major web
#1298 error when hybridising multiple arrays on one slide (Agilent 4x44k) everyone defect major web
#1317 Table export of items with åäö in name generates strange characters in file everyone defect major coreplugins
#1387 More performance enhancements needed for experiment explorer everyone enhancement major web
#1420 Round values imported using Manual transform everyone task major coreplugins
#1426 Problem viewing/downloading file with special characters in folder/file names everyone defect major web
#1460 Tab2Mage exporter Bug everyone defect major coreplugins
#1879 Exception in expression builder dialog everyone defect major BASE 3.3.3 web
#1913 new user - Hello Jari Häkkinen defect major web
#279 Permissions, Read and Write,selected when opening the Share-popup window(no Members are selected) Martin Svensson defect minor BASE 2.0 web
#307 display of annotation type to users from administrate page Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#387 Can't remove reporters from a Reporter List Nicklas Nordborg defect minor core
#506 Tried to move a file a caused an error Johan Enell defect minor web
#747 Problem trying to install RMAExpress plugin on Windows everyone defect minor install
#751 Fail to delete item from table view everyone defect minor BASE 2.4.4 web
#834 Trashcan cannot be emptied everyone defect minor web
#971 Be able to upgrade BASE without restarting Tomcat everyone enhancement minor install
#1197 Plugin running time unexpected output while executing Jari Häkkinen defect minor web
#1312 Invalid password - pop up does not support none-ASCII characters in login Martin Svensson defect minor BASE 2.11.1 web
#2090 Remove workaround for unquoted table name bug everyone task minor install
#463 Incompatible conditional operand types String and int Johan Enell defect trivial BASE 2.1.2 web
#468 File upload fails Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial core
#857 Javadoc for SessionService.newSession is misleading Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial BASE 2.5 webservices
#935 jobagent status everyone defect trivial documentation
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