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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#867 Support for array designs without coordinate/position information for features Nicklas Nordborg enhancement blocker core
#1477 Support terminal-based browsers everyone enhancement blocker web
#183 cannot add annotation and new Items Nicklas Nordborg defect critical core
#759 Automatically name Affymetrix array design after the name of the selected file everyone enhancement critical BASE 2.5 web
#1640 Use a salt value when storing hashed passwords everyone enhancement critical core
#160 List pages should be able to list subset of items Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major web
#185 Refactor the Item class and DbControl and more... Nicklas Nordborg task major core
#406 Storing extended properties like information as annotations? Johan Enell defect major core
#695 implement run method in AbstractPlugin?? everyone enhancement major BASE 2.4 coreplugins
#727 Add presentations and publications to the wiki Jari Häkkinen task major wiki
#750 Raw bioassays: display plugin configuration used to import data everyone enhancement major web
#764 Selecting Bioassays in the plot tool. everyone enhancement major web
#773 Filter reporter table using array design everyone enhancement major core
#866 Performance testing creating root Bioassay set everyone enhancement major BASE 2.5.1 coreplugins
#897 Potential temporary directory clash for plugins running through job agents everyone defect major BASE 2.7.1 core
#922 Migration should be updated to transfer channel information everyone enhancement major migrate
#954 Array slides – Creating array slides using import plugin everyone task major coreplugins
#1007 Add reference to the Illumina plugin in BASE doc Appendix B everyone enhancement major documentation
#1048 Plugin configuration wizard display/parse incorrectly (when configuring raw data import plugin). everyone defect major web
#1055 Messaging system everyone task major BASE 2.9 core
#1135 Create plug-in for importing raw data to multiple raw bioassays in one go task major coreplugins
#1188 Create a super batch importer? everyone task major coreplugins
#1215 Batch importer does not update parent in some cases everyone enhancement major coreplugins
#1233 BASE files storage on server (i.e. outside BASE application) has many empty directories, should it? everyone enhancement major core
#1256 Query used in exportPlainMatrix method in BioAssaySetExporter must be usable outside the method ... everyone enhancement major coreplugins
#1258 New export format for bioassay set spot data everyone enhancement major coreplugins
#1280 Versioned annotations of reporters everyone enhancement major core
#1300 Group list-page does not list users that are members Martin Svensson defect major BASE 2.12 web
#1368 Reload permissions when the refresh button is clicked everyone enhancement major web
#1391 The import button in experiment overview when all raw bioassays are imported gives confusing message everyone enhancement major web
#1407 Functionality of the "No labels" selection in plot function in the bioassay table in experiment explorer everyone enhancement major web
#1438 Installation wizard everyone task major core
#1526 Make jobagents serve several BASE servers Johan Enell task major jobagent
#1652 Installing extensions in a subdirectory to `plugindir` is not possible but would be nice everyone enhancement major install
#2123 Implement "sibling" synchronization filter everyone enhancement major core
#2 ability to add image files as annotation for samples Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor core
#19 Show/hide option for various section on a "view item" page Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor web
#70 Lazy creation of PreparedStatments in BasicBatcher. Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor BASE 2.0 RC2 core
#347 Give administrators access to other users trashcans Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor BASE 2.2 core
#434 Base1PluginExecuter option enhancements Johan Enell enhancement minor BASE 2.1.1 coreplugins
#445 Plug-in writers should check that the plug-in has the proper permission for its task Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor BASE 2.4 core
#450 Plugin for importing Imagene raw data Johan Enell task minor coreplugins
#456 Mass edit Johan Enell enhancement minor web
#458 Edit session Johan Enell enhancement minor web
#504 Use different icon for inherited annotations in the tree in Experiment overview enhancement minor BASE 2.4 web
#571 Allow spot image generator to use any layer in multi-image TIFF file Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor core
#599 Write "Appendix: reference" everyone task minor documentation
#623 suggestions for time-saving improvements Johan Enell enhancement minor web
#653 Implement DbControl.flush() method enhancement minor core
#663 TOC is to big everyone enhancement minor BASE 2.4 documentation
#686 Make it possible for core analysis plug-ins to work on a subset of bioassays in a bioassayset Martin Svensson enhancement minor BASE 2.4 coreplugins
#741 Refactor Base1PluginExecuter everyone enhancement minor BASE 2.x+ coreplugins
#775 Refresh redirects Nicklas Nordborg defect minor web
#992 Regular expressions with backslashes trigger "Not allowed to use complex mapping for column" everyone defect minor web
#1023 Add support for using regular expressions when filtering lists everyone enhancement minor web
#1154 Add a 'Plug-in package' item for grouping plug-ins everyone enhancement minor core
#1398 File tree filter everyone enhancement minor web
#1947 Auto-detect character encoding of uploaded text files everyone enhancement minor web
#23 Apply button in popup windows? Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial BASE 2.3 web
#99 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getHibernateLazyInitializer Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial core
#132 Write documentation: 3c) Internals of the core API - Transaction handling Nicklas Nordborg task trivial BASE 2.4 documentation
#133 Write documentation: 3c) Internals of the core API - Data validation Nicklas Nordborg task trivial BASE 2.4 documentation
#134 Write documentation: 3c) Internals of the core API - Checking quota Nicklas Nordborg task trivial BASE 2.4 documentation
#136 Write documentation: 3c) Internals of the core API - Job queue management Nicklas Nordborg task trivial BASE 2.4 documentation
#153 More progress from importer plug-ins Johan Enell enhancement trivial BASE 2.4 coreplugins
#198 New PluginDefinition name Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial BASE 2.0 RC2 web
#212 Array slide import plugin Martin Svensson task trivial BASE 2.3 coreplugins
#349 Callback for events to plugins Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial BASE 2.3 web
#362 Stack trace is output to catalina.out when it shouldn't Johan Enell defect trivial web
#683 Holding down SHIFT, CTRL or ALT when creating a new item should automatically create it with default values everyone enhancement trivial web
#1339 Implement the net.sf.basedb.util.Tree.equals() method everyone enhancement trivial core
#1342 Fix message sending in InternalStorageController everyone enhancement trivial core
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