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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#52 Auto refresh job view when job not done Gregory Vincic task major BASE 2.0 RC1 web
#353 Create connectivity from R/BioConductor to BASE Jari Häkkinen task major BASE 2.4 core
#377 hasData() flag not set on creation of new RawBioAssay, prevents Experiment creation Nicklas Nordborg defect major BASE 2.0.2 core
#381 User with administrator rights cannot share items (files) to group Everyone Johan Enell defect major web
#438 BASE 1 lowess plugin description too long for BASE 2 migrate tool Gregory Vincic defect major migrate
#658 Invalid request ID: Data in your configuration wizard has become corrupted. Please re-start and try again. Martin Svensson defect major BASE 2.4 web
#730 Documentation figures should be centered by default everyone enhancement major BASE 2.5 documentation
#748 MeV application fail to load data Jari Häkkinen defect major BASE 2.4.4 web
#804 Add links to example code in the Plugins section of the documentation Johan Enell enhancement major BASE 2.5 documentation
#975 Experimental overview – error/erroneous warning – Duplicate sub-array index everyone defect major core
#1044 MeV launch returns a 'jsp' extension not a 'jnlp' everyone defect major web
#1216 Annotation importer selects "wrong" configuration everyone defect major coreplugins
#1232 Long running getAllInheritedAnnotations query Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major BASE 2.11 core
#1267 The nice colourful display of ratios in experiment explorer should also exist for M values everyone enhancement major web
#1408 Cannot deselect annotation in the annoation summary drop down everyone defect major web
#1409 Annotation summary table displays NaNs everyone defect major web
#69 Funny looking line showing when last tab is visible Nicklas Nordborg task minor BASE 2.0 RC2 web
#111 The User columns don't have the same order when all columns are shown Gregory Vincic enhancement minor web
#128 tomcat5.5 has to be reinstalled after upgrading BASE jars. Jari Häkkinen defect minor BASE 2.0 RC2 install
#308 Firefox unresponsive script warning when uploading files base defect minor web
#485 A user's group membership is not listed. everyone defect minor BASE 2.3.1 test
#1165 Option to insert Block number when importing reporter map with Meta grid X/Y everyone enhancement minor coreplugins
#1211 allow use of configurations with array slide importer everyone enhancement minor coreplugins
#1349 Select button does not work in IE7.0 + XP Home SP3 everyone defect minor web
#278 Trying to create a new plate. Nicklas Nordborg defect trivial BASE 2.1 core
#419 allow bulk file upload directly into a separate directory Johan Enell enhancement trivial web
#607 'ant docbook' fails to generated helptexts for web client everyone defect trivial BASE 2.3 documentation
#936 Clearer exception from jobagent Johan Enell enhancement trivial jobagent
#1059 JasperException: Unable to find setter method for attribute: direction when running IBM's java everyone defect trivial web
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