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Add support for dry-run to the plug-in system — at Initial Version

Reported by: Nicklas Nordborg Owned by: everyone
Priority: major Milestone: BASE 2.8
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There is a wish in ticket #1028 that it should be possible to run a plug-in in dry-run mode. In principle it is not very complicated since the plug-in only has to skip the call to DbControl.commit() and no changes will be saved to the database.

The problem is what to do after the dry-run. If everything is ok, the user will probably want to run the plug-in again but without the dry-run flag. If there was a problem, the user wants to change the parameters. Neither of this is currently possible. The only workaround is to start with a new job with the same parameters (except for the dry-run flag). This kind of limits the usefulness of a dry-run flag since it is error-prone to have to enter the same parameters a second time.

The first case (everything is ok) can be solved by introducing a new return status for jobs: DONE_DRY_RUN. This could be used to trigger a "Run again" button in the GUI that runs the plug-in without the dry-run flag.

The second case is (failure) is more problematic. The main problem is that the configuration of a job is highly dependent on the context it was started in. The context information is not saved to the database and what is in memory may have changed since the user has been clicking around since the job was created.

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