MultiExperiment Viewer plug-in for BASE

As of BASE 2.11 and MeV Launcher 1.1 this package is no longer needed. BASE/MeV integration now works with the standard MeV distribution.

This page is set up to describe how to compile and install the MeV package as provided here. This package is a part of the MeV Launcher 1.0 package so there is no need to download and install this code directly. The source is provided to BASE developers whom may need to change the package when BASE evolves, and the distribution of changes is a requirement of the MeV license (source:mev-4.0.01/Artistic_License.pdf).


Documentation on how to use MeV is avaialble at

Documentation on how to use the MeV Launcher extension is available in on the BASE plug-ins site:

Documentation specific for the package distributed through basehacks

Documentation of changes made to the original MeV 4.0.01 distribution

Getting the code

svn checkout basehacks_mev-4.0.01
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