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References #222: Utility for transfering file between BASE and a GenePattern? server

The basic functionality is now in place, including a hard-coded test servlet. To make sure everything is working properly we need to start with the prototype plug-in (#218).

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
2<servlets xmlns="">
3  <servlet>
4    <servlet-name>TestServer</servlet-name>
5    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.genepattern.servlet.TestServer</servlet-class>
6    <!--
7      Specify the name of a GenePattern module that should be used with
8      the "Test server" function in the GUI. This function tests that
9      the user has entered a correct url, login and password and requires
10      an existing module on the server.
11    -->
12    <init-param>
13      <param-name>moduleToCheck</param-name>
14      <param-value>ComparativeMarkerSelection</param-value>
15    </init-param>
16  </servlet>
17  <servlet>
18    <servlet-name>Download</servlet-name>
19    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.genepattern.servlet.Download</servlet-class>
20  </servlet>
21  <servlet>
22    <servlet-name>Test</servlet-name>
23    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.genepattern.servlet.Test</servlet-class>
24  </servlet>
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