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  1. BASE 2.7.0 or later.


This package is an extension package to BASE that installs an action that opens TIGR MultiExperiment? Viewer (MEV) as a Java webstart application and automatically imports data from the currently selected bioassay set. This extension builds on a modified version of MEV 4.0.01 that allows MEV to be started as a Java web start application. For more information:


  1. Download the mev-launcher-*.tar.gz file.
  2. Unpack the downloaded file to a directory of your choice.
  3. Copy the mev-launcher.jar file to your BASE extensions directory: WEB-INF/extensions.
  4. Run the 'Extensions -> Manual scan' command if you have disabled automatic installation. Otherwise, just wait a bit and the automatic installation will find and install the new extension.
  5. Done. The MeV Launcher appears as an action in the "Tools" column when viewing bioassay sets of an experiment.

Known issues

  • It is not possible to add more data to MEV. If you try 'File -> Load data' in MEV the same bioassay set will be loaded a second time.


To compile this package you also need:

  1. Ant 1.6
  2. Java 1.6

Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the source code from the subversion repository. See for instructions.

  1. Type ant download-lib to automatically download the BASE core JAR file that are neeed for compilation. You can also do this manually by copying the BASE2Core.jar, BASE2Webclient.jar and BASE2CorePlugins.jar from the BASE installation directory (<basedir>/www/WEB-INF/lib/) to the ./lib/compile directory.
  1. Type 'ant' to compile the code and generate the 'mev-launcher.jar' file in the project directory.
  1. Use 'ant package' to create a downloadable tar.gz package.

Tip: If you need different values for any of the properties defined in the 'build.xml' file, create a file named '' and set the values there.

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