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Last change on this file was 6092, checked in by Nicklas Nordborg, 13 months ago

References #1285: Personal information on the SCAN-B report

This should now work. The specified header fields are erased and replaced with new fields. The document "Title" is also changed (it had the external raw bioassay name in it).

File size: 281 bytes
1Manifest-Version: 1.0
2Class-Path: lib/kernel-7.1.13.jar
3 lib/io-7.1.13.jar
4 lib/barcodes-7.1.13.jar
5 lib/svg-7.1.13.jar
6 lib/styled-xml-parser-7.1.13.jar
7 lib/layout-7.1.13.jar
8 lib/cleanup-2.0.5.jar
9 lib/commons-imaging-1.0-alpha2.jar
10 lib/zip4j_1.3.2.jar
11 opengrid.jar
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