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References #1006: External data filtering and mapping wizard

Moving things from Reggie to Relax that makes the wizard interfae work. There is still a lot of functionality that we don't need right now.

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
2<servlets xmlns="">
3  <servlet>
4    <servlet-name>Install</servlet-name>
5    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.relax.servlet.InstallServlet</servlet-class>
6  </servlet>
7  <servlet>
8    <servlet-name>Session</servlet-name>
9    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.relax.servlet.SessionServlet</servlet-class>
10  </servlet>
11  <servlet>
12    <servlet-name>Export</servlet-name>
13    <servlet-class>net.sf.basedb.relax.servlet.ExportServlet</servlet-class>
14  </servlet>
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