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Initial checkin of HPBTC source files. This version is the same as revision 514 of the original source files.

We are probably going to need to fix some things in this API later. It should be relatively easy to track changes since we keep this library separate from our own code.

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1# Created on 15.10.2008
3title.main = BitTorrent
4title.popup = Download
5title.about = About
6label.torrent = Torrent = Target
8label.browse = ...
9label.ok = OK
10label.about = Programming by Cristian Mocanu\nEmail
11label.seed = seed
12label.progress = Progress
13label.eta = ETA
14label.peers = Peers
15label.remainingUpdate = Refresh
16menu.file = File = New torrent
18menu.stop = Stop this torrent
19menu.about = About
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