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It is now possible to upload a torrent file and register it with the bittorrent client. Sometimes it will start downloading, sometimes not. No progress reporting is done and no uploading of files to BASE.

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2# The working directory were files should be stored while downloading torrents
3# It should have enough space to hold all files that the service is expected to
4# handle at the same time. If no directory is specified the service will
5# create/use a 'torrent-service' sub-directory in the userfiles directory
6# as configured in the base.config file. = 
9# The local address the torrent service will listen on for incoming connections.
10# If not specified it will listen to the wildcard address (
11torrents.listen-address = 
13# The port the torrent service will listen on for incoming connections.
14# If 0 or not specified the system will select a random free port
15torrents.listen-port  = 
17# Username and password that the service should use to login to BASE.
18# The user needs the same permissions as a job agent user.
19torrents.username = 
20torrents.password =
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