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Address #159. Renaming BASE1 plugin definition and minor changes to its content.

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2section plugin
4versionNumber @VERSION@
5name  Transformation: Virtual Array
6descr This progam creates a virtual arraydesign for your bioassays. Which means that it changes the position number of each spot to a negative value. The numbers goes from -1 in the order that the database exports the spots.\r\n\r\nJohan Enell
7execName  run
8geneAverages  0
9serialFormat  0
11minChannels 2
12maxChannels 0
13leaveStdin  0
14leaveStdout 0
15estimatedTime 60
16defaultMaxRam 134217728
17usedColumns reporter
18usedFields  _allIntensities
19columns position  valueType name  commonName  options defaultValue  enumOptions removed
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