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Adding notes on how to create a package.

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1$Id: packaging.txt 706 2008-05-27 13:18:49Z jari $
3How to create a plug-in package.
51) Make all necessary test and checks. Check in everything to the
6   repository. Note, it is important to make sure that the plug-in
7   module and other modules the plug-in is dependant of are
8   synchronized in the repository before packaging. The subversion
9   revision number is used to keep track of the released packages.
112) Create a package:
13   ant plugin.package
153) Change the package name to reflect the subversion repository
16   revision number: (This step should really be a part of the build
17   script.)
19   mv
214) Attach the package to the corresponding wiki page on
22, and update the wiki page
23   accordingly.
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