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  1. BASE 2.17.0 or later.


This package contains some simple BASE plug-in examples. The target group is developers that want's to create their own BASE plug-ins. To install the plug-ins you need a local installation of BASE or administrator access to an existing BASE installation. We don't recommend that the example plug-ins are installed on a production server.

Read for more information about developing BASE plug-ins.

Currently, this package contains the following plug-ins:

  • An importer that pretends to be able to import samples. It will accept any file, but doesn't do anything. Main purpose is to show parameter handling with plug-ins.
  • An analyser plug-in that does some bogus calculations on a bioassay set. Main purpose is to show how a plug-in can access analysed data, do some calculations and store the result as a new bioassay set.


  1. Unpack the tar.gz file to a directory of your choice.
  2. Copy the example-plugins.jar to your BASE plug-in directory.
  3. Install the plug-ins using the BASE web interface. See for more information.
  4. Done.


To compile this package you also need:

  1. Ant 1.6
  2. Java 1.6

Follow these instructions:

  1. Type 'ant download-lib' to download dependencies that are not included in the subversion repository.

  1. Type 'ant' to compile the code and generate the 'example-plugins.jar' file in the project directory.
  1. Use 'ant package' to create a downloadable tar.gz package in the project directory.
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