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2Limitations and Known Issues
4i. Only one raw data importer plugin configuration can be used at any one time during an experiment import.
5This means that all raw  data files in a archive should have the same data header. For Raw datafile from Genepix (or .gpr files) and Agilent, there is a certain level of polymorphism that may occur should scanner models used in a experiment run different versions of the software. Users will have to harmonize the files to one layout in order to upload the Experiment in BASE2 using the current plugin.
8Email alert:
10To receive an email alert on the success or failure of your experiment loading,
12Windows users:
14  Your antivirus server and anti spam software may prevent you from sending email messages. This is because they must have been configured to block all application requiring connection to your email sever on port 25 (smtp).
15  If this happens, you can simply ask your administrator to allow your machine to connect to the email server using port 25.
17  The email alert works on a linux / unix and may be mac machines.
19AnnotationTypes and Cv Importer
21  --the annotation type and cv loader plugin; nugo.plugins.CvAnnotationTypeImporter must be defined and configured. Both the plugin and it's configured object must be shared to the user running the Tab2MageImporter.  Defining and configuring the plugin should be done preferably by the administrator. The administrator should share the configuration to the users as well. Otherwise suitable plugin configurations cannot be found and the import would fail.
22  --A naming comparism of the annotation type in the flat file to the annotation type in base2 is actualized. Only non-existing annotation types are created.
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