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1Release Note of Anootation Types and Cv Importer
3General Information:
6This plugin imports annotation types and conrolled vocabularies into base
10To Install the plugin:
12  - Place AnnotationTypeCvImporter.jar into the $BASE2_HOME/www/plugins/ directory on your BASE2 server.
13  - Place ebi-plugins-utils.jar in your base installation class path : $BASE2_HOME/web-inf/lib
15  1. Log in to BASE with plug-in administrative privileges, in the BASE web client, go to Administrate->Plugins->Definition
16  2. Click New to define the plugin.
17  3. Set the class and path parameters, in the dialog that opens
18    Class: enter ""
19    Path: enter the path to the plugin jar file, i.e. <BASE_HOME>/www/plugins/AnnotationTypeCvImporter.jar
20  4. Click Save
21  The new plugins appears under the name "Annotation Type and CV Loader" in the plugins list and is now ready for use.
23  5.  Proceed to configure the plugin. Information on configuring plugin is a available at :
25An example tab-delimited import file is provided here:
27  6. Do verify that the configuration can import the tab - delimited file. For instructions on doing this go to:
29  7. For other base users to use the plugin as detailed in the next section, please share them to the appropriate users by manually setting the permissions on the  plugin (sharing it to group 'Everyone' should be sufficient in most cases).
31  General Installation instruction is available at: 
35To use the plugin:
38  1. Upload the file to import into base2.
39  2. Go to Administrate - > Types - >Annotation Types,
40  3. On the list page, select the import tab.
41  4. On the screen that appears, select the "Annotation Type and CV Loader" from the drop down list, leave the file format as auto-detect  and click Next
42  5. Select the file containing the annotation types and cv using the browse button. Click Next
43  6. On the next screen, you can accept the default for file, updating existiing annotation types, data separator and character set.
44    - file : is the file name you want to import from, as set on the previous page
45    - updating existing annotation types: set to false by default, do set this to true if an existing annotation type should be updated
46    - character set : is the character set of the file to be imported, the default is ISO-8859-1
47    - data separator: the data separator for multiple values in a data columns. If the import file contains more than one value per data column, do specifiy the data         separator, the default is colon. Only semi-colon, colon and comma are allowed.
48  7. On the next screen click Finish and wait for the job to complete. You will be shown the progress of the import in the dialog, with the page refreshing itself regularly.
50Presto!! The plugin create all the annotation types. Do refresh the Annotation Type page to see the newly created annotation types and cv.
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