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3Q:  Why do I get net.sf.basedb.core.BaseException: IMPORT FAILS: Invalid File format:
4files supplied not appropriate for the experiment platform: [ raw data type/plaffrom] when I reun the plugin
6A:  If you have tried to unzip a zip file,  an unzipped file directory may have been created fornthe zip file. Whilst you run the plugin again, an existing directory cannot be re-created. 
8To solve this, delete the previously unzipped directory from the Base2 Views -> File menu and from the trash can (Views ->TrashCan). Then try to run the import again, using the same zipfile. 
12Q: When importing GenePix files, I have an uneven number of imported rows. why is that so ?
13A.This is a known issue that will be fixed when we have upgraded our plugin to the latest BASE2.4.0 plugin API. The new API allows to account for invalid numeric value by dropping only that value instead of the entire record, as is the case now. This is why depending on the number of error met in the raw data file during import, the number of line/records created may vary. This is suboptimal but will be addressed shortly.
17Q. I am doing some testing and have loading several times the same experiment. The plugin reports success during loading but the Message board report that files could not be loaded because they were already attached to a RawBioAssay, what does it means? Is it a  loading success or a failure ?
18A. Again, this is a known issue. Simply disregard these errors messages. The rawdatafiles have been parsed and data imported and attached to a raw bioassay created during the Import process.
19These errors messages will disappear with the plugin upgrade.
23Q. I am trying to upload an Agilent Experiment but it fails saying. Are you supporting Agilent yes or no ?
24A. Please see readme.txt section on 'Limitations and Known Issues'.
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