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3-- Base 2.2.1 and above
4--AnnotationTypeCvImporter Plugin – For loading annotation types. The annotations are can annotate raw bio assays by default.
5--Reporter Importer - for loading reporter corresponding to the raw data file
6--Reporter map importer – for adding features to array design
7--Raw Data Importer Plugin – loads raw data. This must have a configuration that could import the raw data files.  Required for multi-channel experiments.
8-- mail.jar and activation. jar for messaging (included) - you could place these jar files in your tomcat class path (web-inf/lib)
10Please ensure that you have used all the plugins above appropriately before running Tab2Mage importer. Further documentation on
11AnnotationTypeCvImporter and AffyArrayDesignImproter plugin is available  on Base2plugin website and for others, please read base2 documentation.
15-- AffyArrayDesignImproter Plugin – for batch uploading affymetrix array designs.  Usefull to upload all array dsign in one go.
17Email alert:
19To receive an email alert on the success or failure of your experiment loading,
21Windows users:
23Your antivirus server and anti spam software may prevent you from sending email messages. This is because they must have been configured to block all application requiring connection to your email sever on port 25 (smtp).
24If this happens, you can simply ask your administrator to allow your machine to connect to the email server using port 20.
26The email alert should work on a linux / unix and may be mac machines.
28AnnotationTypes and Cv Importer
30--the annotation type and cv loader plugin; nugo.plugins.CvAnnotationTypeImporter must be defined and configured. Both the plugin and its configured object must be shared to the user running the Tab2MageImporter.  Defining and configuring the plugin should be done preferably by the administrator. The administrator should share the configuration to the users as well. Otherwise suitable plugin configurations cannot be found and the import would fail.
31--A naming comparism of the annotation type in the flat file to the annotation type in base2 is actualized. Only non-existing annotation types are created.
33What is not supported
35Pooled experiments are not suppported in this release. It would be supported in future releases.
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