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1# This file contains an experiment exported in tab2mage specification from BASE   
3Experiment section   
5accession E-BASE- E-BASE-1
7experiment_design_type  BiomolecularAnnotation 
8name  Experiment1
9description test 
10release_date  00:00.0
11submission_date 03/05/2007 
12submitter Root 
16authors "PRS,DO" 
17journal EMBL journal     
21year  2006     
24Protocol section       
25accession text  name  type  parameters
26P-BASE-6    Affymetrix:Scan Scanning  resolution (um)
27P-BASE-3    Affymetrix:Hybridization  Hybridization
28P-BASE-5    Affymetrix:Labelling  Labeling  labelling
29P-BASE-1    Affymetrix:Extraction Extraction  Diet Availability
30P-BASE-2    Affymetrix:Sample:Processing  Treatment Diet Provider;Acclimatization Duration
32Hybridization section         
33File[raw] File[cdf] Array[accession]  Array[serial] Hybridization LabeledExtract  Dye Extract Sample  BioSource BioMaterialCharacteristics[DevelopmentalStage]  BioMaterialCharacteristics[DiseaseState]  BioMaterialCharacteristics[Species] BioMaterialCharacteristics[OrganismPart]  BioMaterialCharacteristics[StrainOrLine]  BioMaterialCharacteristics[Cell Type] Protocol[scanning]  Protocol[hybridization] Protocol[labeling]  Protocol[extraction]  Protocol[treatment] Parameter[Diet Provider]  Parameter[Acclimatization Duration] Parameter[labelling]  Parameter[Diet Availability]  FactorValue[Cell Type]  FactorValue[OrganismPart] FactorValue[Species]
34jos1761.CEL MG_U74Av2.CDF MG_U74v2  Affy-Batch#1.1  hyb1  biosource1.s1.e1.lbe1 Biotin  biosource1.s1.e1  biosource1.s1 biosource1  adult normal  Mus musculus  abdomen Buffalo barrier epithelial cell P-BASE-6  P-BASE-3  P-BASE-5  P-BASE-1  P-BASE-2  Purina Mills  2 day massive       apoptosis fated cell
35jos1762.CEL MG_U74Av2.CDF MG_U74v2  Affy-Batch#1.2  hyb2  biosource2.s1.e1.lbe1 Biotin  biosource2.s1.e1  biosource2.s1 biosource2  adult normal  Mus musculus  abdomen S B cell  P-BASE-6  P-BASE-3  P-BASE-5  P-BASE-1  P-BASE-2  Dyets   Small ad libitum     
36jos1763.CEL MG_U74Av2.CDF MG_U74v2  Affy-Batch#1.3  hyb3  biosource3.s1.e1.lbe1 Biotin  biosource3.s1.e1  biosource3.s1 biosource3  adult disease Mus musculus  abdomen S B cell  P-BASE-6  P-BASE-3  P-BASE-5  P-BASE-1  P-BASE-2  Bio-Serv  2 days  Small restricted    abdomen
37jos1764.CEL MG_U74Av2.CDF MG_U74v2  Affy-Batch#1.4  hyb4  biosource4.s1.e1.lbe1 Biotin  biosource4.s1.e1  biosource4.s1 biosource4  adult disease Mus musculus  abdomen S B cell  P-BASE-6  P-BASE-3  P-BASE-5  P-BASE-1  P-BASE-2    5 days      Mus musculus  abdomen B cell
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