May 29, 2009, 2:53:33 PM (14 years ago)
Nicklas Nordborg

References #224: Add a "Test" button on the GenePattern? 'edit server' page

The "Test" button is now in place. The installation may still be a bit messy since the GenePattern? jar files has to be manually installed. We need a way to figure out what to do about that. Another problem is that the default configuration of a GenePattern? server allows a user to login with any username. Non-existing accounts are automatically created and given server admin permissions! It is possible to lock this down, but there is no web interface for adminitration of GenePattern? user accounts. There is some documentation about this: http://www.broad.mit.edu/cancer/software/genepattern/tutorial/gp_web_client.html#_Securing_the_Server

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