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Oct 1, 2015, 12:55:22 PM (8 years ago)

Refs #815. Bug fix: The wizard "Update processed start lists with lot numbers from extracts" in the "Special conversion tools" sub-section of the "Admin" section should update processed start item lists created before MeLuDI v1.3.2 with lot number info taken from the first DNA extract associated with the list. However, no check was performed that the DNA was extracted from a MeLuDI specimen, instead of being an extract source item. The latter items have no extraction and QIAcube lot number information, since they were not extracted in the MeLuDI lab. The routine is therefore updated to use the first DNA extract, that is not an extract source item:

  1. Java servlet class/file in src/net/sf/basedb/meludi/servlet/ updated in protected method void doPost(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) for command "UpdateStartListsWithLotNumbersFromExtracts" to use the first DNA extract, that is not an extract source item, when copying lot number information to the start item list.
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  • extensions/net.sf.basedb.meludi/trunk/src/net/sf/basedb/meludi/servlet/

    r3502 r3516  
    29152915              if (extractList != null)
    29162916              {
    2917                 // Get first extract member item
    2918                 Extract e = (Extract)extractList.get(0);
     2917                // Get first extract member item that was processed from specimen
     2918                Extract e = null;
     2919                for (Extract extract: extractList)
     2920                {
     2921                  // Exclude input DNA and RNA, since these lack lot number annotations
     2922                  if (extract != null && !Meludi.itemIsExtractSourceItem(extract.getName()))
     2923                  {
     2924                    e = extract;
     2925                    break;
     2926                  }
     2927                }
    29192928                if (e != null)
    29202929                {
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