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    3131to improve them. My email address is
     33This package can be built in three different modes: base2, base1, and
     34stand-alone. The base2 mode is default and the mode you should use if
     35you plan on running WeNNI as plugin to BASE2. The base1 mode is the
     36old (classic) mode similar WeNNI 0.6 (or earlier). This is the mode
     37you should use if you plan on using WeNNI as a plugin to BASE1. The
     38stand-alone mode is intended for you who want to use the WeNNI
     39algorithm independently of BASE. The different modes build and require
     40different things. You choose the mode by giving the `configure` script
     41the appropriate option. See below for more details on the different modes
    34 Pre-requisite:
     43= BASE 2 =
     45== Pre-requisite ==
     47 1. Download and install GSL,
     48 2. A working a Base2 installation.
     50== WeNNI install ==
     52 1. Download and unpack WeNNI. `cd` to the root directory of the distribution.
     54 2. Run configure script with
     55    $ `./configure`
     57 The configure script accepts a few options that may be of
     58interest. You can provide `./configure` with BASE location information
     59with `--with-basedir=DIR`. This information is used to find jar files
     60such as `BASE2Core.jar`. You can configure where files `WeNNI.jar` and
     61the `nni` will be installed using `with-plugindir=DIR`. Files will be
     62installed in `<DIR>/se/lu/thep/wenni/`. Default `DIR` is set to
     63`path/to/base/www/plugins/`. You may use `with-gsl=DIR` to provide
     64information on GSL location. The option `enable-debug` turns on debug
     65options on the compilation of binary `nni` (e.g. enables assertions).
     67 3. Now build using
     68    $ `make`
     70 If all went well `nni` created in directory `bin/nni` as well as
     71`WeNNI.jar` in directory `base/base2/`.
     73 4. Optionally, run the test program
     74    $ make check
     76 5. Install files using
     77    $ make install
     79 6. Make BASE aware of the plugin, see BASE documentation
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