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    5353  # Upload the configuration file `mergebioassay.base`
    5454  # Create/update a configuration for the plug-in where you select the
    55     plug-in defintion file `mergebioassay.base`. BASE will respond
     55    plug-in definition file `mergebioassay.base`. BASE will respond
    5656    that plug-ins where configured but ...
    5757  # Re-configure the plug-in without selecting a file, set the `Plugin
    160160  This parameter specifies how the name of the assays is
    161   constructed. Use %0-%9 as wildcards and then put any character(s)
     161  constructed. Use %0-%9 as wild-cards and then put any character(s)
    162162  between as delimiters. For example assay name Assay_1_A can be
    163163  divided into three parts. By setting the parameter to %1_%2_%3 the
    164   plugin will read assay name assay_1_A and set %1=Assay, %2=1 and
     164  plug-in will read assay name assay_1_A and set %1=Assay, %2=1 and
    165165  %3=A. Thus, if your assays have names constructed in the same way
    166166  merge can sort the assays in groups depending on %1, %2 or %3.
    192192''Merge method''::
    193   Choose one of the methodes described above.
     193  Choose one of the methods described above.
    199199  parameter you can choose a %-number followed by the two values it
    200200  can take. The last character in the string must be the delimiter the
    201   user has choosen ot use. The other way a user can specify the ratio
     201  user has chosen to use. The other way a user can specify the ratio
    202202  is by choosing an annotation type in the list and specify the values
    203203  in the annotation values parameter. This is done by writing the
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