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Please configure your experiment for upload by answering the questions on this and the following two pages.
The answers you provide will be used to automatically create a new experiment in BASE and your raw data will be imported into this.

Domain: The domain tag provides information on the originator of the output MAGE-ML document. This field can contain any suitable string, such as the originating internet domain name (e.g., "").
Accession: The experiment accession number is a unique identifier assigned to each experiment. Accession numbers for experiments submitted to ArrayExpress have the format E-XXXX-n.
Quality Control:
biological replicate
dye swap quality control
peer review quality control
real time PCR quality control
reverse transcription PCR quality control
spike quality control
technical replicate
A list of terms taken from the MGED ontology. Multiple values can be selected.
Experiment Design Type:
Biological Property
BioMolecular Annotation
Epidemiological Design
Methodological Design
Perturbational Design
Technological Design
A list of terms taken from the MGED ontology. Multiple values can be selected.

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Experiment Name: The name you have chosen for the Experiment.
Experiment Description: A short paragraph describing the purpose of the experiment.
Release Date: Date for public release, in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Submission Date: Date of submission, in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Submitter: The name of the person responsible for submitting the experiment to the database.
Organization: The organization to which the submitter is affiliated.
Publication Details:
Title: Publication details for any manuscript associated with the experiment. The journal field should contain a standard Pubmed journal abbreviated name. The authors list is a semicolon-delimited list of names.
Pubmed ID: