Milestone MeLuDI v1.5.0


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Updates of the MeLuDI extension to BASE, a package of registration wizards for melanoma-lung cancer projects, in analogy with the package "Reggie" for the SCAN-B breast cancer project. It is named "MeLuDI" after "melanoma/lung cancer diagnostics". This milestone concerns adding support for using MeLuDI with several projects using the same major pipeline of laboratory registration steps. See MeLuDI extension page for more information.

Project update:

On 2016-01-21 it was announced that the parent project using the MeLuDI software would not be continued after midsummer 2016, since another laboratory should perform the analyses in question. Further updates of the MeLuDI software will be related to use of the latter in other projects, with a laboratory pipeline similar to the original "MeLuDI" project.

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