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#879 Switch to BASE 3.8 Nicklas Nordborg task blocker fixed 6 years ago
#525 Import data from INCA olle task major fixed 8 years ago
#883 Add support for progress reporting to the Reggie wizard API Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major fixed 5 years ago
#885 The ProjectArchive permission checker should use smaller batches with chmod commands Nicklas Nordborg defect major fixed 5 years ago
#882 It is not possible for a user with PatientCurator role to use the "Re-create report PDFs" button in the YellowLabel wizard Nicklas Nordborg defect minor fixed 5 years ago
#884 Check timeouts for SSH commands Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor fixed 5 years ago
#872 Register Reggie as a start page Nicklas Nordborg task trivial fixed 6 years ago
#886 Add thousand separator to counter on Reggie start page Nicklas Nordborg enhancement trivial fixed 5 years ago
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