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#267 Change qQuantilerNormalization underlying binary to use the new BFS format assigned Jari Häkkinen task critical ZZ Normalization package v1.1
#119 Create rank invariant normalizer reopened Martin Svensson task major ZZ Normalization package v1.1
#210 net.sf.basedb.normalizers: Add proper 2-channel support to qQuantileNormalizer new Jari Häkkinen defect major ZZ Normalization package v1.2
#211 Request: R/G quantile normalization new Martin Svensson Request major ZZ A wish list
#225 qQuantiler should select all assays as reference by default assigned Jari Häkkinen Request major ZZ Normalization package v1.1
#268 Refactor qQuantileNormalizer plugin to use the ExternalProgramExecutor plugin assigned Jari Häkkinen task major ZZ Normalization package v1.1
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