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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#92 Create Illumina SNP raw data type Johan Enell defect critical Illumina package v1.0 net.sf.basedb.illumina
#4 Spike Lowess Johan Enell task major
#5 Center on assay Johan Enell task major
#6 QQPlot Johan Enell task major
#7 Merge on genesymbol Johan Enell task major
#8 COPA Johan Enell task major
#18 AnnotationFiletr Johan Enell defect major
#19 RMA plugin should check that cel files are assigned to correct cdf. Jari Häkkinen defect major
#20 extra values pass through Johan Enell enhancement major
#125 MeV ... files are now supported (by the BASEcore) in the BASE analysis tree Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major net.sf.basedb.mev
#192 MeV unable to launch appplication ... class not found exception Nicklas Nordborg defect major MEV Launcher v1.2 net.sf.basedb.mev
#245 net.sf.basedb.illumina: Detection P-value fails if there is no negative controls in bioassayset Jari Häkkinen Request major Illumina package v1.4 net.sf.basedb.illumina
#296 VirtualArray plug-in can't be installed Jari Häkkinen defect major ZZ Other tickets series plug-ins
#347 Exception when trying to register more than one specimen tube for a case Nicklas Nordborg defect major Reggie v2.1 net.sf.basedb.reggie
#393 Change default value for protocol in "RNA quality control - create aliquots" wizard step 2 Jari Häkkinen Request major net.sf.basedb.reggie
#634 Retraction wizard olle enhancement major net.sf.basedb.reggie
#9 Error in ReplicateError Johan Enell defect minor
#10 ReplicateError Johan Enell enhancement minor
#11 Pinbaes normalization Johan Enell enhancement minor
#866 Implement the "Start page" extension Nicklas Nordborg task minor net.sf.basedb.reggie
#16 BasicReporter and BasicSpot Johan Enell enhancement trivial
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