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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#52 Add educational material and use cases. Jari Häkkinen task trivial 0.7
#73 Plier fails to import data Jari Häkkinen enhancement major
#97 Remove Plier support from Jari Häkkinen task major ZZ Other tickets
#34 move base.css Johan Enell task trivial ZZ Other tickets
#41 Add data to output: sign flag, sign specific rank Jari Häkkinen enhancement minor series plug-ins
#88 extra values pass through Jari Häkkinen enhancement major ZZ Other tickets series plug-ins
#135 ReplicateError: deprecated functionality is used, get rid of it Jari Häkkinen task major series plug-ins
#75 base2.xml genespring connection Johan Enell enhancement minor
#181 Add MeV+R as a BASE extension? Jari Häkkinen task major ZZ Other tickets not classified
#277 Add the torrent extension to the download extensions page Jari Häkkinen Request major Bittorrent download service v0.2 not classified
#440 Export data to files needed for mRNA/cDNA processing Nicklas Nordborg task major Reggie v2.12 net.sf.basedb.reggie
#490 Histology scoring lab protocols Nicklas Nordborg task minor net.sf.basedb.reggie
#183 Change result storage of qQuantilNormalizer when BASE bioassay set export is refactored Jari Häkkinen enhancement major ZZ Normalization package v1.2 net.sf.basedb.normalizers
#126 Illumina SNP ... files are now supported (by the BASEcore) in the BASE analysis tree Nicklas Nordborg enhancement major ZZ Illumina package v1.x net.sf.basedb.illumina
#155 New error handling option for duplicated features when creating array design from a bgx-file Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor net.sf.basedb.illumina
#196 Illumina methylation arrays ... Nicklas Nordborg defect major ZZ Illumina package v1.x net.sf.basedb.illumina
#460 Update Axis2 Nicklas Nordborg enhancement minor Web service examples 3.2 net.sf.basedb.examples.webservices
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