Jan 9, 2008:

11:25 AM Changeset [528] by mbayer
file mappings now fully implemented on UI side -- still need to pick …

Jan 8, 2008:

10:35 AM Changeset [527] by mbayer
have added a cartesian product algorithm that compute
12:41 AM WikiStart edited by Peter Johansson
added info on RSS Feeds (diff)

Jan 7, 2008:

12:18 PM Changeset [526] by mbayer
added a fourth JSP page which will be used to let the user configure …

Jan 2, 2008:

4:28 PM se.lu.thep.affymetrix edited by Jari Häkkinen
Added a Contribute section. (diff)
4:17 PM se.lu.thep.affymetrix edited by Jari Häkkinen
Added information non how to check out trunk (diff)

Dec 21, 2007:

1:27 PM Changeset [525] by mbayer
- basic Affy support implemented - next steps required now: mappings …

Dec 20, 2007:

6:14 PM Changeset [524] by mbayer
have made more changes to the UI to satisfy IE requirements also fixed …

Dec 19, 2007:

1:56 PM Changeset [523] by mbayer
some more tweaks to the interface, mostly for making it work with IE

Dec 14, 2007:

6:07 PM Changeset [522] by mbayer
made a number of tweaks to the interface

Dec 13, 2007:

5:47 PM Changeset [521] by mbayer
some minor bug fixes
4:02 PM Changeset [520] by mbayer
added two missing files
3:41 PM Changeset [519] by mbayer
- got first import with test data to work (genepix) from beginning to …
2:29 PM GCRMAPlugin.zip attached to nl.unimaas.bigcat.GCRMA by Johan Enell
2:29 PM nl.unimaas.bigcat.GCRMA created by Johan Enell
1:39 PM PluginDownload edited by Johan Enell
Added GCRMA (diff)

Dec 12, 2007:

12:19 PM Changeset [518] by mbayer
integration of generated tab2mage file with the rest of the code is …
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