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     1= Merge !BioAssay =
     3Using this plugin base-users can merge together bioassays by grouping them according to annotation types or syntactical differences in the name. There are four different method for calculating the new values. They differ in what kind of mean they are using (arithmetic or geometric) and if they are merging on ratio or intensity.
     5For each group the parents are saved so the link to the raw data is preserved. Annotations for the bioassays are saved if sample1 is the same for each assay in each group.
     8If you have merged assays in a group, BASE 1.2.10 will have difficulties to export data Merged on reporter from the parents !RawBioAssays. If you for instance export '[Raw] Spot diameter' for a merged assay, each reporter might be associated with values from several !RawBioAssays but only one such value will be exported. This is a known limitation of base 1.2.10 and will be fix in future versions.
     10[source:trunk/se/lu/onk/MergeBioAssay/doc/INSTALL.txt INSTALL]
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     16''Revision 182''
     17 * Group bioassays using name or annotation, assays not grouped are just passed through
     18 * Different mergemethods: Geometric mean of ratio, Arithmetic mean of ratio, Arithmetic mean of intensity and Ratio of ratio.