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Short description

Exports raw data files and an experiment meta-data in tab2mage specification from BASE.

Long description

The Tab2Mage export plugin exports an experiment meta - data and annotations in tab2mage specification from BASE. The tab2mage specification is provided by the microarray informatics team at the EBI, Cambridge. The exported experiments along with the raw data and image files can later be exported by the corresponding tab2mage import plugin. (link).

The entry point for this plugin in base is the detail view page of an experiment. Hence, the user needs to create an experiment and all the annotations and parameters first. select and click on an experiment and on the edit page, click on the export tab and follow subsequent instructions.


Base 2.2.1 and above

AnnotationTypeCvImporter? Plugin – For loading annotation types. This must have a configuration that could import an annotation types (.txt) file.


The README.txt contains information on how to install and use the plug-in.


Maintenance plan

Bugs will be fixed.


GNU General Public License version 2.


Dominic Oyeniran – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Project Page

Philippe Rocca- Serra – European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK co -designer and domain expert.



plugin jar file: Tab2MageExporter.jar

utils jar file: ebi-plugins-utils.jar