Printers at theoretical physics

Currently there are two printers in room next to the coffee room: the black-and-white printer (lp2), and the copying machine (copy), which by defult prints in color. Downstairs there's also a color printer (lp3).

The printers are available using various printer queues. The queues are:

  • lp2: black-and-white printer
  • lp3: color printer downstairs
  • copy: copy machine ("copy")
  • copy-bw: B/W on copy (faster)
  • copy-bw-st: B/W on copy with stapling (upper left corner)

Note that these all print in duplex unless manually told otherwise.

If you want to use the printers from your laptop you probably need their ip-addresses. They are:

  • color printer:
  • black and white printer:
  • copy machine:
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